A Sense Of Place

The beauty of being and belonging.

A sense of place is a feeling that grounds and gives perspective. It is a way of being and belonging and knowing where and who you are. Alone or with a familiar group, it’s that special space, physical or emotional, that engenders personal strength and confidence. This secure sensation of contentment affirms purpose and nurtures passion. We all need to have a sense of place that anchors our well being with an unconditional undercurrent that provides the gravity or lift necessary for our greatest flourishing. 

Being in the right place with the right people, where you can see and be yourself and are seen as being who you uniquely are by others, is life-affirming and often life-changing. The right place is a location where you are in sync and thriving in your environment. The right people are your tribe who shares common ground and connectedness and helps you achieve your highest potential. When it’s right, opportunities happen and there is a resonance that makes it all flow. Having a sense of place gives rise to our personal agency when we own our Self and are the master of our fate. Though we may not always be in the right place with the right people, having that heart connection can empower our daily lives and self-awareness and inspire living at a soul level. 

A right balance in our environment and relationships fuels creativity with a positive-growth mindset. Anything is possible when our individual creative free will is free to innovate and create our best life. This balance is not easy to achieve. Life has its stresses and responsibilities and challenges. We can’t always like or control the place we need to be or who we have to deal with. Life is that way. It’s a work in progress. Sometimes it is a rainy day or someone throws a wet blanket on our dreams. Coping and trying to find a healthy balance activates creativity, motivated by the need and desire to make life better. Staying positive and looking forward to wellness and happiness prompts our ingenuity to create a lifestyle that works wherever and with whomever each day brings.

Creative visualization is a way to be present and to move energy toward the right balance that makes us feel whole, grounded and connected. Having an inner visual can help manifest what we envision in our reality. You may have a vision of a vista in nature or person that you know or imagine. What gives you a sense of place? Where are you? Who is with you? Why do you feel a connection and how are you creatively engaged? The beauty of having a sense of place is that it is something we know and can return to in mind-body-spirit, in the flesh or in our memory. Go there, follow that which gives you a sense of place and wonder.