A String of Lights

Love & Light
Love & Light

Plug in a string of lights and magic happens. Glowing reflections of color and light can brighten December’s short days and long nights. “Tis the season when homes and communities sparkle with ornaments and decorated trees that celebrate our cultural and spiritual traditions. A string of lights or candlelight creates an illuminated ambience that enlightens our shared occasions with friends and family, and brings us into-the-moment of creative reflection. The winter solstice on the 21st gives birth to the return of light after darkness, and is a time to cultivate the inner creative energy that shines brightly throughout every season.

Light has a significant effect on how we physically and creatively experience any environment. The human body responds to light with circadian rhythms that help us regenerate or rest, depending on the Earth’s cycle of seasons. We naturally want to slow down this time of year, eat a little comfort food and get some extra sleep. Busy modern life challenges our environmental body clock. Simply finding time to tap into biological frequencies is difficult with the responsibilities and distractions of daily living. Some people suffer from SAD (seasonal affective disorder) when they cyclically experience depressive moods due to a natural light imbalance. Light and supplement therapies are generally the remedy, and I would recommend a festive string of lights.

There is creative renewal in annual making and gifting rituals that enlivens the senses with sights, smells, sounds and memories. With inner and outer lights shining, creativity is reflected in our individual and group expressions. During the holidays we gather with others to share common ground and be the best of who we are together, cooking, toasting, feasting, singing, dancing, giving and receiving. In our personal time, the refuge of early winter can nurture an inward focus that stokes our flame of expression through the art of gifting and gratitude, both to others and to Self. Among the cheer and quiet find a creative moment to turn on your light and reflect on what has been and is becoming.

An illuminated string of lights can create hope and magic. Our classic cartoon friend Charlie Brown was outspoken about “not letting commercialism ruin Christmas!”, and had faith in a little scrub pine that was transformed by love and creativity into a sparkling symbol of the season. Best wishes for peace and enjoying the light in your life!