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A new book by Laura Jaquays, the Founder of Art HOPE.

Art HOPE The Way To Creative Wellness is a practical guide for healthful, artful living that explores the healing opportunities of art-making, art-taking, and art-giving.

In this uplifting narrative, Art HOPE nonprofit founder and visual artist Laura Jaquays describes creative wellness with applications for health, inspiring stories, guided exercises, and hugs of advice. She offers a positive philosophy for living that helps people recognize and practice creativity for self-expression and self-care. 

The everyday things we do and love to do can create health and well-being. This groundbreaking work investigates everyday creativity and the wellness benefits. It introduces the Creative Wellness Model and begins a broader conversation about how creativity relates to our personal lives and interests, workplace, education, healthcare, and to our communities, corporations, and leadership, locally and globally. Creativity is an essential life skill and it is our most renewable and valuable natural resource. It is a basic human requirement and a positive growth mindset that makes life better. 

Written with an artist’s point of view, Art HOPE reveals the natural healing process of creativity, how it happens and what it feels like in mind-body-spirit. It is a timely story of hope and creative resiliency that inspires us to be the artist in residence in life, making it our masterpiece.

Proceeds from book sales on this website will be donated to the nonprofit organization. 

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