Breaking Trail After the Storm

Breaking Trail on the Marginal Way
Breaking Trail on the Marginal Way

Fresh white powdery snow, over three feet of it this week in coastal Maine and more on the way. It’s a winter marvel and a menace that reminds us of the beauty and power of nature. A big New England blizzard can bring our everyday lives to a standstill, a time when we are forced to shelter in place and take pause. The local weather report says stay at home and don’t drive, public parking is banned, and schools and other activities are cancelled. It’s a snow day. Sweet!

A classic storm and snow day can be a kind of creative bombogenesis, when we strongly feel nature and have a moment to express our human nature in a vortex of creativity in motion. This is a real meteorological term that describes the birth of a rapidly intensifying extratropical surface cyclone that “bombs” out with a powerful burst of weather energy. Beginning with our focused preparation for being snowed in (procuring fuel, food, water, grown-up beverages, snacks, rock salt, shovels, candles, flashlights, and survival stuff), to the expressive ways we occupy the special homebound time (cooking, eating, sleeping, dreaming, reading, playing, communicating, imagining, relating, and doing our creative thing), snow days are an empowered freedom to find comfort and connect. The storm ends, then on to the practical agony of shoveling and clean-up, and the thrilling enjoyment of brilliant sunshine and winter sports. In the quiet and rage of a Nor’easter nature gives the gift of creative presence, with self and our environment, and blesses us with wellness time that helps us get on track and just be ourselves.

White out conditions make our common world uncommon. All clean, pure, and bright with no horizon in view, just windswept white flakes. Snow begins as a single ice crystal and is shaped into a symmetric radial form by atmospheric conditions as it falls from the sky. It appears white and is actually clear ice that diffuses the reflection of the spectrum of light in all the microscopic facets of each crystal. Color technology. Snowflakes are indeed mostly unique, and like the phenomenon of light’s white radiance sparkling on water, each flake is a luminous little rainbow.

Snow is like a big white blank page of frozen fractals awaiting the organic expression of your thoughts, feelings, words, and images. Find a fresh white snowy landscape, whether its the cold powdery stuff now abundant in the northeast or a fresh piece of blank white paper, and break a trail. Mark a symbolic pathway to your creativity in the spirit of new beginnings. Genesis is the origin of something, whether is comes in a BOMB of snow or a vortex of expression. The bombogenesis of storms, in nature and life, can inspire us to break a fresh trail and take an adventure. Angels do it, we can track their prints in the snow, evidence of the resilient creative spirit in motion.