Creative Chillin’: Winter Meditation In Maine

LAURA-Buddha/Studio in Winter
Creative meditation in winter.

The big chill of winter can inspire a gentle awakening in mind-body-spirit. January’s long nights and short days are a fertile time for contemplating the creative seeds we’ve already planted and all that will be seeded in the coming season. The harvest of our 2016 experiences – good and bad, happy and sad – is now a rich compost for meditating on new creative growth and potential in 2017.

An old-fashioned New England winter provides the quietude of being snowbound, all warm and cozy in our shelter, and there is a peaceful feeling that invokes being present in the fresh whiteness of the magical moment. The gift of a winter storm can bring everyday routines to a standstill and give us a little extra wellness time at home for chillin’ in the chilly north. Snowy days are a wonderland for favorite indoor activities. Read a good book, watch a film, organize a project, practice yoga poses, listen to moving music, cook a tasty soup, get lost in a hobby, or take a dreamy nap. You can do it – in your own time and in your pajamas! Enjoy quality time with housemates and pets or call an old friend, reconnect and recommit to who and what is important in your life. When snow flakes are flying it nurtures the mindful process of just catching up with your Self, by sorting through the old and planning for the new, and by rekindling and recalibrating your natural inner rhythms with some unhurried, unscheduled creativity. Relax and get creative, because there is no place to go until the snow plows clears the road.

The Earth Mother lets her Old Man Winter roar, but with LL Bean boots and snow shoes the blow-hard beauty of a blizzard can be a peak creative experience. Whether one lives in the city or country, hearty souls who venture out for a wintry walk in the storminess can be stimulated by nature’s seasonal dance. Cold precipitation is a visceral sensation that awakens the senses, and it’s a reminder that we are part of something bigger and more powerful on this magnificent planet. Walking in a winter whiteout is like being immersed in a blank white page that is inviting the mark of our inspired expression, a pure landscape that beckons pure thoughts and feelings. In this white-on-white the painter sees many colors and the amazing shapes of nature and our humbled human habitat, now covered in inches of powdery white. The winter meditation invites the art spirit to collaborate and a Snow Angel is born…and so goes a snowy winter day in Maine.

Warm wishes for chillin’ and being creative in 2017 from Art HOPE. As the New Year begins, practice the simple meditative pleasures of winter and look inward to see your shining Self. All the seeds of your creative needs and desires are there waiting for the light of Spring and your nurture. Winter well.