Creativity is a Work-in-Progress

Harvest SceneAutumn is a time to harvest all that we’ve nurtured through the growing season. Art HOPE is celebrating a year of creative abundance with the launch of our new website. Like fall vegetables stored for a savory winter stew, it’s a creative work-in-progress. Our on-line venue is designed to be a community portal for creative wellness. The website features news and information about Art HOPE programs and creativity events in Maine, an interactive Gallery for expressive works, and a Journal with blog posts about creative wellness. In the spring we’ll introduce an arts and healing “Resource” page with local and national references in the field. The Gallery is creativity in action. Participants can be “art-makers” by sharing original works in visual, narrative and musical mediums, or “art takers”, by the sensory viewing of these works. Consider becoming an artistic contributor and submit your work for the 2014 Gallery opening.

Creativity is an evolving work-in-progress. The seed of original creative thought is inspired by fertile ground (earth), moistened by the nurturing flow (water), brought to fruition by the warmth of desire (fire), then, the conscious creation sets off a new seed to the wind (air) and the cycle of creation and recreation begins again. Creativity is elemental, a natural process that illuminates and celebrates life for everyone, everywhere, everyday. Art HOPE helps tap how we are universally creative in ways that benefit health and well being. In the seasons ahead this blog will investigate how an active creative lifestyle enhances mind, body and spirit. For now, as northern landscapes glow with warm colors and brisk air, enjoy fruits of the season and gather seeds of creativity for the eternal harvest that sustains.