Free Your Creative Spirit. SOAR!

LAURA-Spirit Bird
The free creative spirit, articulated and exalted.

Spread your wings and unfurl your imagination. A bird flying is a symbol for the free creative spirit, articulated and exalted. We begin with an idea (fertile egg), nurture it (nest), birth it (hatch), and do the growth and work needed to take flight (fledge). As parents and artist’s know, it takes a creative process to help a child or a work of art fly with their own inspired will.

By early August in Maine most of our native birds have fledged their young. Our protected birds species are doing well this year with our iconic loons and endangered piping plovers both having successful baby-making cycles. Good environmental conditions and human consideration have helped these rare birds recover to create new life and add to their population. It’s a blessing this time of year to see a loon parent coaching their chick to dive for fish or an adult plover giving flying lessons to an enthusiastic fledgling. The season is changing and many bird species are strengthening their young for the next migration southward along the Atlantic Flyway, when they follow the eastern geography and warm air currents to a winter haven. Instinctively they know where to fly and find sustenance.

Like the inborn wisdom of birds our creativity follows the rhythms of nature. Can you hear the call and feel the flow? What inspires you to spread your wings and take flight? What creative idea have you fostered that now needs to fly on its own? Are you ready to spread your wings and fly with it? How do you imagine your creativity expressed? In this moment, do the loved creative things that you want and need to do. SOAR! Birds teach us about the cycles of survival and song, and that we can create in the fertile season of every moment.

Be your best creative Self in every moment and enjoy every expression in life. In our happiest, most creative moments we can soar like my painting “Spirit Bird”, pictured in this post. The image represents the freedom, diversity, and sacredness of our creative individualism. The rainbow illuminates the white bird as it ascends in the orchid sky of heaven. This artwork and these words are dedicated to my niece Lauren Jaquays, a vibrant creative 13 year old who recently died in a tragic accident. She was a blossoming young woman with remarkable determination and creativity who overcame her unique physical challenges to live an extraordinary life. Championed by her parents and loving family, her short brilliant life was full of happiness, music, and dancing, which was one of her loved creative things. Lauren’s life was a gift that inspired her friends and teachers, and her legacy a mission her community will embrace as their own. In her bravest creative expression she was finding herself in the LGBTQ Youth Alliance in her Blowing Rock, North Carolina community. Lauren was passionate and liked to turn up the music! and let her brightly-colored creative spirit soar! Life is short and love is long. Create in the fertile season of every moment.