Getting Organized To Do Creativity

Organized and ready to create!

Creative expression is a spontaneous response to what we think and feel in a moment. A creative thinker, feeler and maker uses a favorite medium that gets creativity done. Because inspiration and doing creativity can be chaotic, exhilarating, and sometimes unorganized, it is a good practice to keep the tools and materials we use most in a well-ordered spot, just waiting for our expressive touch. 

The things we use for self-expression and self-care are personal and reflect our interests and the unique ways we do creativity. A cookbook, yoga mat, museum membership card, gardening gloves, video camera, or a road map. Simple items like these are what we need to get the process going. Our tools help make our creativity happen.

Yes, those colored pencils. My eyes are intrigued and my hands want to touch them. My spirit is moving. Visually, I am often inspired by color and the potential of an art medium to relate the narrative I am working on. Art is work and, for me, part of the ritual of a creative practice is to contemplate my method and to organize tools needed for the job. My ideas meet an inventory of possibilities and the art supplies I keep on hand. As a studio artist and art teacher, I’ve built a collection of drawing and painting materials that keep me curious in the limitless ways art can happen. When I am making my art, I like to display all the colors in a spectrum that lets me play with the complements and hues. Art is play, which is how these much-loved colored pencils were neatly arranged in two wooden trays in this order. It is a rainbow ready for my rhythmic coloring. Messy art is a good thing. Being organized will get the process moving and flowing along so I can be more messy and free.

I love colored pencils and am interested in various qualities that have more color load or make a finer line. I use different classic brands, including my preferred Derwent and Berol Prismacolor. I remember getting a Venus Paradise Colored Pencil drawing set on my 10th birthday that began my romance with learning the names of colors. I still have a few of these first pencils, including “sky magenta” and “peacock blue” that were well-used and are still part of my collection. Colored pencils allow for a rich layering of colors and fine details. The more I draw, the more I love this medium because it helps me see line and color in a natural way that allows me to work quickly and passionately or slowly in deep meditation.

Putting it all together, pencil by pencil, ingredient by ingredient, bit by bit, an idea is conceived, emotion is expressed. With an art medium in my hand in motion, I can work and play and do my creativity. Get organized, so that when there is a precious wellness moment to create, you’ll be prepared. Get the point? Sharpen your pencils and let the creativity begin!