Hope For Renewal: The Need For Creative Self-care

Creative self-care is like your personal cloud, an oasis floating in a sun-energized sky. Daydream.

Celestial events, like the recent solar eclipse, are an awe-inspiring phenomenon that reminds us of our connectedness to the cosmos. For a few hours, when Earth aligns with the Moon as it shadows the Sun, creative and spiritual sensations are awakened. The circadian rhythms of all living creatures and plants are effected by the change to darkness when the normal cycle is lightness. Daytime dims and the air cools. We witness a change in energy at the planetary level. It’s a shock and a shift. We can only be present and respect this universal force. Wherever we are and whatever we are doing when it happens, an eclipse is a moment of wonderment.

Myths of these remarkable occurrences speak to the pendulum swing of belief from cataclysmic to euphoric. A catharsis of energy is experienced, whether one sees it with other eclipse-chasers or if sheltered or unaware. What is happening on a cosmic level effects us all. The tides ebb and flow with the Moon, the days and seasons evolve as the Earth’s rotates on its axis around the Sun. We are part of nature, not apart. An eclipse is an organic movement of energy, nature’s peak creative experience.

There is hope for renewal when, after being lost to dark, the sunlight returns to illuminate our lives. An eclipse is a metaphor for current events that are shocking and shifting our world, causing extra stress for many people. The imbalance happening is showing our human resiliency, how the goodness of people can rise up to a new and better way. In fact, the eclipse brought people together. It showed us the light is oncoming, that there is great beauty and humanity being expressed and celebrated.

With this newly energized hope for renewal it is important to recognize the need for creative self-care. Chaotic times call us to find peace and balance within our Self. It’s a way to return to the lightness of our being in mind-body-spirit. If we are creatively caring for ourselves, others and for the Earth, all life benefits. Human creativity is an essential life skill and it is our most renewable and valuable natural resource. Now, more than ever, make time for creative self-care. It strengthens our ability to care for the things we care about. Doing the creative things what we love and thinking about the positive things and people we love, is the way to wellness.

Creative self-care requires me time in real time, more focus on you and what you need to be happy and well. As the summer moon wanes – rest, meditate, take a special retreat. Creative self-care is like your personal cloud, an oasis floating in a sun-energized sky. Look to the light and jump on your cloud. Daydream, maybe take a late summer’s nap. Renew yourself for the new season coming.