Love Is Powerful Medicine

LAURA-Love HealsWhen you are feeling down, when things are not going well and that little headache turns into a bad flu, there is only one remedy that soothes. You have it in your medicine bag, just reach into your Self and tap the flow. It is love. Like creativity, it’s a magic pill and elixir that comes in many forms. Love heals.

How does love heal? It begins with loving one’s Self. Loving yourself, your mind-body-spirit, is not narcissism. This is an empowered state when you nurture your needs and recognize the strength of your gifts. To love and care for Self is not selfish. Self-care is well-care because we can create health through our positive intentions and actions. Taking care of Self by taking a little extra time, me-time in real time, means giving yourself loving kindness and the comfort of personal space. Caring for ourselves is a primary form of prevention. When we take better care of ourselves, we can better care for others.

Creative self-care is a remedy for life’s everyday tensions and travails. Doing the creative things you love for health and well-being can reduce stress and take you away from what’s stressing you out. This requires taking a break from the negative things and people that destroy your good energy. It is about tuning into your needs and nourishing them by engaging in an expressive activity you love. Read a book, take a walk, listen to music, bake cookies, visit a friend or take an adventure. Creative self-care can be a personal or shared experience. It is doing the creative thing you love to do, that special activity that gets you to your happy, healthy place. When we move our energy in a positive way towards self-nurture through self-expression, we feel better. This is creative wellness.

Our human purpose is to love and be loved. It is the emotion that brings meaning to life. Love is how we express our feelings and gratitude for our loved relations, partners, friends, pets, colleagues and community. It is healing to affirm our love for others and to be affirmed by their love. Love is mutual and reciprocal. It fuels our purpose and passion. Like creativity, we have co-creators in the experience; the people, places and processes that inspire us to create and to live the life we were meant to love. Scientific research shows that having positive, supportive social relationships is linked to better mental and physical health. This connectedness is key to happiness and longevity. Like hope, faith, and creativity, love is a medical intangible that heals with the power of positive intention and belief.

Creativity is a way to feel and express love. Find an internal or external process for soothing your soul that opens you to feeling and expressing this healing power. In celebration of Valentine’s Day and all those loved, do the creative things you love as a way to wellness.