LOVE Your Mother, Ask Her to Dance!

Natural Love
Celebrate your birth mama and earth mama!

May! Our senses welcome the fertile green landscapes, warm blue skies and bright yellow sun. Birds singing and the radio music from an open air vehicle with the tank-top clad driver crooning in harmony, are the sounds of a warm day. Lilies of the valley and lilacs scent the air with an ambrosia of spring flowers and rain. A part of us was sleeping and now Mother Earth asks us to awaken our creative senses and dance! Embrace the life-giving energy of May in bloom.

Creatively celebrate Mothers this month, the one who gave you life and the one who sustains all life. Creating life is creativity at its best. Mother dances with father in a loving tango and creates a baby. The Mother Earth has soil, seeds, seasons, and other miracles that create all we need to create life. Our birth mother and the earth mother are soul sisters, rocking the cradle and the world with nurturing abilities that provide the habitat needed to survive in the maternal womb and the material world. Mama mia and mothership earth provide a home base, the place where we can love and be loved. Mom and nature are our first teachers, guiding our senses and helping us learn about our presence in our environment. Modern mothers face challenges everyday to balance responsibilities and home life, and are the first to show up at the soccer game, help out with homework, cheer brilliant accomplishments, like our posts, and be good grandmas. Our modern Mother Earth faces challenges everyday that threaten her resources and sustainability, and still she gives natural gifts that grow our food, maintain our shelter, fill our senses with beauty, and provide a good life. Let’s celebrate the Mother Earth and all Mothers everyday!

If your mother has passed, or you are not close to your mother, or never knew your mother, I’d like to offer this truth. Everyone is a child of the Universe and your Mother Earth is with you at all times. So dance with her, gently and joyously. Also, know that in the womanhood of all loving hearts that you are loved by the Eternal Mother. We can re-mother ourselves throughout life when we have nurturing, loving relationships with our friends, family, partners, pets, and special places, and most importantly, ourselves.

Celebrate motherly LOVE and dance like the animated heart in this wonderful artwork. The painting is by an Art HOPE retreat participant, depicting her love of creativity and the natural world. Now, if you’re not motivated to dance and get your body moving, you can visit the Maine woods where black fly season is just beginning. In the north country all those May Day dances have been practiced for centuries, and evolved as a tradition to keep those pesky flies away. oooh! dance, mama, dance!