Nothing Wasted, Everything Gained

Nothing Wasted Everything GainedSpring is the season of creative renewal. After this abominable winter, the lively energy of spring sweetly stimulates the senses. The bright sun warms the garden and hardy perennials return with greenery and the first colorful blooms. Birds sing and mate. Breezes are fresh and fragrant. Earth awakens and it’s time to get busy creating and recreating.

Starting with home and personal items, spring signals annual cleaning and organizing projects. Out with the old and in with the new, and sometimes the old becomes new again. Rearranging, repainting, replacing, replanting, redesigning. Renewing our environment, personal and planetary, renews our attitude of gratitude for what we have and how we can cultivate our individual and collective resources for the good of all. It is fun to roll up our sleeves, dig through our stuff, contemplate its history and future use, and recycle it for a better purpose. Nothing wasted, everything gained.

Recycle, reuse and repurpose in ways that celebrate the Earth everyday. Earth Day is April 22nd, when we globally acknowledge humanity’s responsibility to green our shared planet with clean technologies and sustainable practices. Every country, corporation, organization, city, town, family, and person can help green the planet. Start today and feng shui your personal spaces, structures, and stuff. Individually and collectively, when we honor the Earth and create a harmonious environment it regenerates the spirit and inspires positive growth.

This April recycle your useable things for a good purpose and donate all the great stuff you clean out of those closets and cupboards. Take your donations to The Fabulous Find Thrift Shop, at 139 State Street in Kittery, Maine. This is truly a fabulous place to shop, and this month the retail proceeds will benefit three local non-profit organizations, including Art HOPE! Donate and shop! The grant will support the summer creativity workshops and retreats we offer for free in southern Maine. Nothing will be wasted and everything gained by our community.

 A shopping tip for stylish secondhand Roses: Lucky prom shoppers at The Fabulous Find this month will find my collection of vintage designer clothes and shoes that are still as gorgeous as ever. Great dresses for high glamour and there is a pair of Charles Jourdan stilettos with rhinestones that I danced in at Studio 54, and they would love to be recycled at a 21st century prom. Fashion wellness tip: Bring a pair of flats for the after prom.