A Sense Of Place

The beauty of being and belonging.

A sense of place is a feeling that grounds and gives perspective. It is a way of being and belonging and knowing where and who you are. Alone or with a familiar group, it’s that special space, physical or emotional, that engenders personal strength and confidence. This secure sensation of contentment affirms purpose and nurtures passion. We all need to have a sense of place that anchors our well being with an unconditional undercurrent that provides the gravity or lift necessary for our greatest flourishing.  Continue Reading

The Greens of Summer

Foraging for fresh greens at the farmers’ market.

The greens of summer are here. Locally grown greens are greening the farmers’ markets all around Maine. After a rainy late spring, early summer is blooming with leafy and nutritious vegetables that inspire a good appetite and the alchemy of fresh food.  Continue Reading

A Secret Garden Where Fairies Live

forest-bathing + fairies = creative wellness

I want to be where the fairies live. In Maine, the fairies find refuge in the rich, moist, deciduous woods that provide the greenery to float and flourish from flower to foliage. After a long cold spring and before the forest is in full leaf, the ground warms and blooms with woodland plants. The fairies navigate through the early bunchberries, forget-me-nots, violets, trilliums, foxtails, and ferns where they thrive under the shelter of tall trees. In this place, away from the noise and chaos of living, that I feel happy and at home in my secret garden.  Continue Reading