Sketchbook Moments – Creativity To Go

Mini sketchbooks, creativity to go.

It starts with a look, a gaze that centers your attention on a thing, in a moment. It’s so beautiful, so curious, so moving. Looking, you begin to see the thing, really see and be with it. Your imagination draws you in. It may be an object, a figure in a space or place, a scene in nature. The senses awaken and there’s a sense of urgency to capture this thought, this thing that you are seeing and feeling. A camera doesn’t do it, though a photo is an instant reference and memory. There’s more to observe and know about this image and moment in time that you living. It’s a sketchbook moment. Continue Reading

Art HOPE Taking Flight Making Origami

Brain, eyes, hands – making creativity take flight.

We are creative makers. The human brain leads the eyes that guide our hands to transform something common into something uncommon. Origami is a perfect metaphor. A single square, 1-dimensional piece of paper is folded into a 3-dimensional shape. Magic happens when we engage our mindful observation and hands-on technical skill in creative making, when we make an ordinary thing, extraordinary. Continue Reading

Life Is Art, Nature Is The Model

A still life, very much alive.

Does life imitate art or art imitate life? Since ancient times this philosophical question has intrigued thinkers, makers, and believers. Nature is the model that helps us understand our primal relationship and responses to life. It inspires us to contemplate the beauty that exists in the world and the meaning of our existence.

When we experience Earth coming alive in spring, energized by the Sun’s vernal light and warmth, we are enlivened. We awaken to new growth and potential with a renewed energy to create. After the blues and grays of winter, the greens and yellows have their moment to emerge. Spring energizes our creativity to clear away the dead debris of the past and make way for the miracle of new life, new ways of flourishing, new ways of thinking, doing, and being. To observe nature in the first weeks of spring is like watching a painter make a first sketch that blossoms into a beautiful painting. Continue Reading