Personal Epiphanies – Wisdom Born of Reflection

Personal epiphanies, like a star shining in the night.
Personal epiphanies, like a star shining in the night.

In the quiet of winter the creative mind is never at rest. Asleep or awake, snowy moments of contemplation can take us to the deepest, richest part of our knowing. That thought that you’ve been thinking, thinking, thinking about. That problem you’ve been focused on for a long, long time. It is an idea in the dark waiting for you to shine a light on it. You’ve worked on it, whatever that “it” is, and it is somehow elusive and unknowable. You believe in this unknown and keep your faith and focus knowing that wisdom will be revealed. Then you discover “it”! A simple and striking revelation, like a light bulb turning on. Aha! Eureka! You’ve discovered an important insight in a brilliant personal epiphany.

Personal epiphanies are rare and enlightening moments of self-realization. They birth us into a new knowing affirmed by hope and a better understanding of ourselves, our relationships, and our environment. This awareness allows us to make breakthroughs and manifest our best and brightest self. Letting go of negativity and believing in the positive evolution of an idea, frees the creative mind to investigate new ways of thinking, doing, and being. There is a catharsis of enlightenment in the power of personal wisdom. Our intuitive perception of reality is a divine universe where we can take great leaps in understanding and have the great feeling of personally having figured “it” out, and it is what we’d hoped for and more.

Epiphanies can be personal, scientific, or religious. Eureka means “I have found it!” and is famously attributed to the Ancient Greek polymath Archimedes. One of the most important scientists of all time, the innovative ideas born of his intellection and creative refection are the foundation of mathematics and physics. He used the celebratory exclamation “eureka” to announce the discovery of his scientific principle of buoyancy, which happened while in the bath tub when he observed how his body displaced the same volume of water when he got in and out. He didn’t stop pondering his problem just because he was taking a bathroom break. Epiphanies can happen anywhere at anytime, even in the shower or on the toilet.

Religious epiphanies are when the spiritual seeker finds the source of faith. It’s a recognition of belief that enlightens our path and directs our moral compass. The Feast of the Epiphany is celebrated by many Christian traditions on January 6th, a date that marks the spiritual season and the divine realization of hope. This is the time when a star appeared to the Three Wise Men which they followed to Bethlehem and it revealed the birth of Jesus.

Like a star that appears in the darkness to guide your inner light, a personal epiphany is an empowering awareness that comes when we are able to reflect on the essential creative nature of everything. Vehicles for epiphany are informed by the internal and external factors that make us work hard to better understand and improve our life condition. Obstacles become benefactors. Hopeful, we walk into the light. The new year brings new opportunities to reflect and grow into the divine manifestation we seek. My solstice watercolor painting is called “Winter Epiphany”, with all blessings for 2015.