Rainbow Wave of Change

...catch the wave
   …catch the wave

Happy new year of creative opportunity! May the rainbow wave of change move you to express yourself in 2014 with renewed energy. Like wave force, creativity needs a movement of energy to stimulate the flow. Creativity is energy moving in a positive, life-enhancing way. It often inspires the things we like to do and dream of doing. Relate your creative expression to the phenomenon of wave action. What moves you? What creatively inspires you to be yourself at your best? What makes you feel like you’re riding the wave?

Resolve to evolve this new year by making a creative goal that will enhance your health and well-being. This should be an expressive experience that helps you learn and grow as an individual, and makes you feel empowered by the process. Like the momentum of a wave building, put your energy in motion toward this goal. Make it a singular and reachable objective that can be a “peak experience”, a process that brings you into-the-moment with a heightened sense of personal well-being. Achieving this goal will require your participation, showing up and doing it, making a commitment to do one great creative thing that will give you enjoyment and vitality. Your creative peak experience for 2014 could be taking a desired trip, learning a new skill, joining a group, redesigning your space, listening to birds sing, getting the fudge right, reconnecting with a friend, or changing a habit. Getting to your personal peak means making more time for yourself to understand what is important in life and directing your energy towards positive purpose.

Here’s a little motivation for those needing “me time” to gather their creative thoughts after the holidays. For this exercise you’ll need a blank page of paper, a single sheet or in a journal, and your preferred writing or drawing materials. Find a quiet space to work, maybe have a cup of tea. Yes, that means put all things digital away. The tactile empowerment of brain-eye-hand activity on a blank paper as it receives our thoughts and images is a motivator for expression. Oh, the wonders of a blank page…and let’s not forget this is how the world’s greatest art, thoughts and inventions began in sketches, phrases and equations on paper. Now, using words, symbols, pictures and mind maps, express your desired creative peak experience for 2014. Use the entire page and make it an artwork with a plan for expressing the best creative you in the new year. Become like a rainbow wave of change as your energy moves on the page, transforming your ideas and emotions into a visual narrative and action plan for your personal creative evolution.

The Art HOPE Gallery is collecting works and welcomes your “creative peak experience” expressions, in whatever medium evolves from your blank page. Sharing your inspired works will inspire others as we build our arts and healing community.

It’s January in Maine and surfers in winter wetsuits are enjoying the Atlantic. I painted the watercolor of this wave inspired by how winter sun catches the light of an incoming wave, with rainbow effect just as it crests. Good tidings for an energized, creativity-filled year. Catch the wave…