Recreate and Create!

Lakeside Studio
Special summer spots…

Summer is a time to play in the great outdoors. Maine is called “Vacationland”, a perennial place to recreate and create in a beautiful natural environment. Our state offers limitless organic vistas with miles of rambling rocky coastline, and nearly 3000 lakes and ponds fed by pristine river systems that run through green mountains and valleys. It’s July, and wherever your special summer spot is, get there and get creating. Physical activities and travel get mind, body and spirit moving. Going to a destination where we see places and people, new and familiar, can be inspiring and exhilarating.

Creativity kits are a good thing to have in the field of play. This may be a picnic basket with goodies to eat and read, or a fishing rod with tackle and fresh bait. A creativity kit is something you can personalize with the things you love to do when you can get away and play. I am a painter and my creativity kit includes a set of watercolors with brushes, drawing materials, sketchbook, and paper for various media. Being a fresh air artist I dress for the weather and pack my camera, a bottle of water, snack and all my materials in my well-loved LL Bean tote. It is enjoyable to prepare my creativity kit with the anticipation of getting away, beyond the mundane and the horizon. Part of recreation is getting your gear and getting there. When recreating in the woods, camping requires us to make a little home environment with shelter and the ability to cook and care for personal needs. Carry in and carry out, leaving no trace on the natural landscape is the way of the happy camper who takes home memories of unplugged moments without tv and indoor plumbing. The sound of woodland birds, the color of the dusk sky, the smell of earth and water. These are the best moments when we are in-the-moment of a creative experience that is so special, it keeps us looking forward to next summer and more cozy campfire chats, raindrops in the tent, and the mosquitos who welcome yummy visitors.

Day trips are a wonderful way to get away and have new creative experiences. A day at the museum or a drive in the country can offer recreation and refreshment. A single day or that long awaited week off from work, vacation is an annual time to do what you love, while visiting the places you love with the people you love. Discovering new destinations, meeting new people and learning new things expands our life experience and is key to social well being. Vacation makes us vacate our everyday routines and get out of town. And its always great to get back home, use your own shower and sleep in your own bed. Unwatered houseplants and pets left with babysitters will be happy to see your vacation is over so that the creative part of life we spend between vacations can begin again.

For me…rest, swim, paint, and time with those dear. Get away in creative ways. It’s summer. Enjoy!