Resiliency In Bloom

A blue jewel emerges, a symbol of resiliency.

A lion of winter roars no more in the Northeast as March welcomes spring. The angle of the vernal sun is at its equinox, an annular balance of day and night. With chilly temperatures and more than a few snowy Nor’easters this month, it’s hard to be feeling springy. Yet, where the sun reaches the bare Earth, she warms, rousing her fertile mud to sprout a miracle.
When wellness walking at this time of year, I look for the first spring flowers along an oak-lined path near the old town cemetery. Through layers of composting leaves and lingering patches of snow, an early blossom emerges. These tiny flowers are scilla siberica. They defy the coldest spring temperatures and still bloom in brilliant large patches, thriving in the rich organic peat. As the season of hardship ends their hardiness is a reminder that the perennials will spring forth with color and beauty. Beyond the winter blues, this little blue jewel appears as a symbol of resiliency, a gift for having survived the dormant months.
These blooms are very poignant for me this spring. After a winter of caring for a loved one who was dying, his passing to a peaceful place came during the height of a recent blizzard. Being a caregiver is difficult because there is so much to do when helping someone who can no longer care for their own needs, while still taking care of your own. End-of-life is like a winter, when one puts affairs in order for the next season, passing on the seeds, stories, and artifacts that will live beyond our human tenure. It is a time to celebrate the people we love and good memories shared. It is when the people who care show up with love and homemade soup that gives strengthening support. With death there is the inner work of winter; the deep meditations, prayers of gratitude, and tears that come with saying goodbye to a person you’ve known and loved all your life, and who knows and loves you. You don’t get those people back. As we get older, more of our oldest friends and family pass on or move away. Such are the cycles of the seasons of life.
Still, love never leaves. It rises up with the hope of renewal, season after season. It is seen in the colorful blooms and heard in the songbird symphonies. Sweet memories and the sound of a loved one’s voice live on. Resiliency is built from our past with faith in the future. It is an earthy grit that keeps us grounded, inspiring the resolve to keep believing and moving forward, no matter what happens in life. A resilient soul changes their obstacles into benefactors, powered by pure human will. This is how we spring back from a time of death and grief, emerging with a new way of knowing and appreciating every moment in every day. Resiliency is like the little flower that says, “Enough of mean, old man winter. I will bloom and bring beauty to the world!” Blessings for the spring season and for springing forth, freshly awakened to creativity and healing.