Stop And Smell The Roses Of Summer

Ogunquit Beach Sea Roses

Hello summer! Welcoming nature’s warm embrace, I return to a familiar and loved vista where it is just sky, land, and me. It is a special summer moment, when I vacate my mind, relax my body, and enliven my spirit in a place that gives me pause. In bathing suit and bare feet, I am happy to be alive this summer morning, to stop and smell the roses.

Summer beckons. Longer days shine more light on nature and the nature of things. Taking a break from work in a natural environment awakens the senses. Hot weather slows the pace, so we can take time to smell and see the beauty of nature, to hear the songbirds and feel the wind, to taste the salty air. Finding peaceful inspiration in a simple summer pleasure can be a peak creative experience. Often it is the loved things that we look forward to doing when we are taking a summer vacation, a retreat to a special destination. We look forward to it, a perfect warm-weather moment that gives us pleasure whenever we recall it throughout the entire year. Being present in nature is a creative gift that keeps giving.

A perfect summer day at the beach is a peak creative experience that I keep in my memory as a measure of wellness and pure happiness. Lying on a beach physically connects us to the contour of the Earth and the big open sky. A beach is also a great place to take a long meditative walk and contemplate the horizon, to see the sun rise and set. The wellness benefits of spending time in nature include stress reduction, energized physical vitality, and increased creative confidence. Aaah…a day at the beach. Breathe deeply and exhale the stress of the past months. Summer is here. Find a gentle retreat in nature. Discover your external and internal world. Don’t go quickly, observe and be in the present. Savor the moment, appreciate the experience and feel your connectedness to nature and what gives meaning to life. By the sea or wherever your special spot is, stopping to enjoy the fragrant roses of summer is a way to wellness. Have a happy, safe vacation season. Create and recreate.

This summer Art HOPE is offering fresh air studio programs at the Wells Reserve at Laudholm and at the Ogunquit Museum of American Art. Check out our calendar for information and opportunities to express your creativity at summer events in Maine, and more.