Art Starts A Conversation

Looking, seeing, remembering, enjoying.

Looking at art can start a flow of thoughts and feelings that define a moment and begin an enquiry. We become curious about what inspired the artist and how they used their medium to make the artwork. A work of art, rare or ordinary, can be a portal for creative investigation when we are open to observing what we see, what we imagine, and what evolves in our internal and external observation. You may ask, why did the artist make the artwork and what is it that attracts your attention? What story does it tell? What conversation comes alive in you? 

A local gallery or museum is a place where we can enjoy art-taking, the experience of what is created, which can inspire our own art-making, the experience of creating. A work of art can touch us in a way that moves us to express what we think and feel and to relate how it relates to us, or not. An extraordinary work of art helps us reflect, feel, be…and breathe, and sometimes it takes our breath away. Art captures a moment and an expression in our collective human story, reminding us that we are all interconnected to the beauty and grace in life at every level of human experience.

Observing a work of art can start a conversation that invites us to explore ourselves and the world around us. It prompts curiosity and a desire to go deeper, to discover something yet undiscovered in our point of view and the view we are experiencing. When art inspires art-making and our personal creative process, a conversation starts in our heart and mind, and soon the hand and eyes are moving. This can happen at the moment we are seeing the art or in a moment reflecting on what we’ve seen. Creative mindfulness happens through observational drawing and writing, and viewing art. It initiates a dialogue with our imagination, ideas, and beliefs. It stirs our memory and shines a light on our reality. The banter of our free-flowing creativity invites the elusive muse to show up and sing along. Listen, what are you hearing? Is there a call and response? What do you want and need to express? What are you feeling? What is moving in your soul? Say it, do it, be it. Keep the conversation fluid and unconditional.

For me, art-taking and art-looking are ways to learn about the world and my creativity that began early in my life. As a teenager growing up in Pittsburgh, I had a scholarship to the student art program at the Carnegie Museum which houses wonderful collections of art and natural history. Our instructor was a venerable professor who taught us to “look to see to remember to enjoy” the ordinary and extraordinary things in life. We were instructed to observe one thing every week and to sketch or write about it. As part of the Saturday class, we went to the various galleries in the Museum and sketched what we observed. First, we made thumbnail sketches and notes about the subject, then we made a more detailed drawing with charcoal on newsprint. I remember how much I loved sketching the ancient Greek sculptures and the enormous dinosaur bones. I enjoyed this practice of looking and seeing and recording, and mostly, understanding more about myself and the language of creative potential. The conversation it sparked with the artist in me is still bright, curious, and interesting. “Hello, creativity. Let’s talk”.

The Heart Of Art-giving

Love is the gift at the heart of art.

Art-making, art-taking, and art-giving. These are ways to creative wellness; when we are present in the moment, engaged in the experience of creating, experiencing what is created, and sharing creative experience.

At the heart is art-giving, creating and connecting for the greater good. It is something creative, self-actualized or acquired, that is enlivened by sharing to uplift and help others. In a communal experience, it is our singular creativity combining with the beauty and diversity of other people to make a unique work of art. Together, our true colors shine brightly. Our shared creative rhythms are the vibrations that celebrate life. We make and take art in life every day. When we give art, to Self and others, it can express love in ways that strengthen and heal. Art given can care for a need or desire, show how and what we feel. Love is the gift at the heart of art. Continue Reading

Drawing Inspiration In Season

Draw what you love.

The seasons can inspire how we experience the world around us. Autumn in New England is a sensory delight. The sun’s golden light is low in the sky, making for bright contrasting shadows in the day and dramatic emblazoned sunsets at dusk. The axial tilt of the planet increases the length of night, cooling the air. In the northeast that means that the trees are an artist’s palette of red, orange, yellow, amber and russet greens. Fruits of the season reflect these colors, now harvested for food storage, savory cooking and festive decoration. The gourds, squashes and apples offer the artist’s eye a feast of warm colors and three-dimensional shapes. Time to draw. Continue Reading