Slow and Steady, Just Keep Moving

Getting there.

Inch by inch, keep moving toward your destination. Creativity is like that; it’s a movement toward a place we’d like to be. It is not a stagnant process. The instinct and desire to explore our creative ideas and potential requires motivation, patience, persistence, and passion. Sometimes our creative expression comes in oceanic flows of inspiration that sweep us away. Then, we get back on course, slowly and steadily, until we arrive in the fertile intertidal zone where we can survive and thrive. Continue Reading

Practice, Practice, Practice

Artwork is work.

Painting is not just painting. It is looking, seeing, and recording what is observed. It is feeling and expressing. It is a way to swim in a visual medium that, like swimming, takes practice.

Being good at any creative discipline takes practice. It is called artwork because it is work. To practice creativity you need to show up in the creative moment and do the work that flow requires. It is challenging because pure creative flow can happen at any time and in any environment. It can happen when working, learning, sporting, playing, or dreaming; and sometimes when showering. However inspiration comes, creativity is a movement. It is intuition, improvisation, and innovation. Finding ways and time to get a creative process moving must complement your lifestyle. To make a sketch, note a lyric, buy an ingredient for a new recipe, make travel plans, or record a novel idea is not always easy in the timeline of a busy day. Like making time for a workout or spending quality time with a friend, when creative practice is a priority we benefit, and the creativity that we are practicing gets better and better, deeper and deeper. A creative practice is something that enriches us in an on-going process that we enjoy and look forward to doing. To master our creativity we need to practice, practice, practice, not because it is a way to get to Carnegie Hall, because it is a way to wellness. Continue Reading