Slow and Steady, Just Keep Moving

Getting there.

Inch by inch, keep moving toward your destination. Creativity is like that; it’s a movement toward a place we’d like to be. It is not a stagnant process. The instinct and desire to explore our creative ideas and potential requires motivation, patience, persistence, and passion. Sometimes our creative expression comes in oceanic flows of inspiration that sweep us away. Then, we get back on course, slowly and steadily, until we arrive in the fertile intertidal zone where we can survive and thrive.

The little and mighty periwinkle snail is focused on the tidal surge that will take him back to the wrack line where the delicious kelp and algae beckon like a chef’s salad. He has a primal desire to restore vital energy. I imagine, given the varied types of snails and clams mingling in the seaweed, it is a very social environment for a periwinkle. Knowing what we need and what feeds our mind-body-spirt is how we charge ahead in pursuit of creative self-expression and self-enrichment and improving our life condition.

Wherever we are going and whatever goals we are trying to achieve, it is important to find a fertile environment that nurtures basic needs. Like a personal creative practice, we have to work to get “there” and to get “it”. Whether our creativity is yoga, painting, sailing, or gourmet cooking, our art is work. We need to put the effort into making it happen – every pose, every brushstroke, every breeze, every recipe – we have to work to develop our talents and learn new skills. Bit by bit, doing our creativity takes a commitment to moving our energy towards what we want and where we belong. 

The metaphor of the snail’s pace relates to the process of creative wellness. It takes time to get to our destination and desired outcomes. Creativity has immediate positive effects on our health and well-being. However, instinctively and methodically, it is the consistent engagement as a daily habit that gives the most benefit. The path to creative wellness can be curved with highs and lows or flat and straightforward; still, the scenery is wonderful. Keep moving. You’ll get there.

Miracles Happen: A Winter Dream

You are blessed…

One early winter night, nearly a decade ago, I dreamed I was walking through white drifts of snow in a wonderland I did not know. The scene was like a familiar hike in the Maine woods with a misty light that made the landscape melt into another place. Dreams are like that; the edges of our imagined reality can be blurred. In the cinema of the night our stories emerge with fright and delight. In this dark December’s slumber, I was caught in a dream where I was struggling to make my way through a dangerous course of characters and terrain that gripped my soul and disrupted my instinct to hibernate. Continue Reading

Nature Is The Model: Color Complements

Blue and orange are color complements.

My painter’s eye is mesmerized by the colors in nature that change with the season and circadian rhythms of the Earth. It’s autumn in the Northeast, when the days shorten and the longer nights are chilly. This signals the trees to stop their food-making process. As the chlorophyll breaks down, the leaves burst forth in bright colors. This last celebration of their foliage, before it falls and winter arrives, is one of the greatest art shows in the natural world. It is a time to enjoy harvest fruits, wear a cozy sweater, and rake leaves into the compost.  Continue Reading