Creative Gifting: Handmade With Love

Handmade with love.

So loved is the artful gift made with hands and heart. The love and thoughtfulness that went into creating it, and the love and joy felt receiving it. 

Through art-making, the experience of creating, we express our love by crafting an idea, image or object. Through art-giving, sharing a creative experience, we express our gratitude and appreciation for the people we care about. Through art-taking, experiencing what is created, we receive the gifts of creativity and feel the love of its expression. These are ways to creative wellness.

My friend Rosemary is the art-maker and art-giver of these lovely owl mittens. I am the lucky art-taker who joyously received her stylish gift. Because creativity inspires creativity, I am moved to be an art-giver, to write and share my story and to express my gratitude. Rosemary is a master of knitting works of art. Her expertly crafted creations are mindfully knitted with a super soft woolen yarn, some she spins by hand. The mittens are practical and beautiful, and they feel like pure nurture and warmth. The first moment I put my hands into those animated owls I wanted to take a chilly walk and let them fly with me. The one-of-a-kind gift can open the heart and imagination. My heartfelt thanks to dear Rosemary, who is a wizard at knitting and other artistic alchemy, including baking the best bread that ever met butter.

A creative gift, made by the giver, is a special treasure. Making a gift often reflects our interests and hobbies, and the things that make our lives better and more meaningful. The holiday giving season is an opportunity to make and give gifts that come from the heart and express our originality. It is also a wonderful time to buy from an artist or craftsperson. Shop at your local art galleries and craft fairs. You won’t have to look too far to find original handmade gifts for those special people on your gift list. Artwork and cards, fiber arts, candles, jewelry, woodcrafts, ornaments, and baked goods are gifts that celebrate life and creativity. Whether handmade or manufactured, a creative gift can be anything that relates how we feel about the person and is something that person may want, need, or don’t know they desire. The gift is that two people are present, both giver and receiver, in the reciprocal flow of appreciation and gratitude. That is the best present.

With hands and heart, explore creative gifting as a way to express yourself and appreciate all those loved. Wellness blessings from Art HOPE and all the best for a happy, healthy holiday season.

The Heart Of Art-giving

Love is the gift at the heart of art.

Art-making, art-taking, and art-giving. These are ways to creative wellness; when we are present in the moment, engaged in the experience of creating, experiencing what is created, and sharing creative experience.

At the heart is art-giving, creating and connecting for the greater good. It is something creative, self-actualized or acquired, that is enlivened by sharing to uplift and help others. In a communal experience, it is our singular creativity combining with the beauty and diversity of other people to make a unique work of art. Together, our true colors shine brightly. Our shared creative rhythms are the vibrations that celebrate life. We make and take art in life every day. When we give art, to Self and others, it can express love in ways that strengthen and heal. Art given can care for a need or desire, show how and what we feel. Love is the gift at the heart of art. Continue Reading