The Other Vitamin “C”

Creative Vitality

The vortex of winter need not get you down. Warm your bones and energize your vitality with a healthy dose of creativity. It is truly the other vitamin “C” because, just like the essential nutrient L-abscorbic acid, vitamin C-reativity helps build our immune system in ways that can prevent illness. A daily dose of creative activity is key to maintaining good health because of its ability to reduce stress. Minimizing stress and developing self-help strategies to manage negative aspects in our lives can be the best defense for disease prevention. Psychological factors and life circumstances effect health, for better or worse. Stress kills healthy cells and depresses the immune system. It also raises the risk of heart disease, contributes to depression and anxiety, interferes with sleep, impairs thinking, and is a factor in aging. Less stress = more health.

One of the most effective methods for reducing stress is everyday creativity. Whether art-making (experiencing creating), art-taking (experiencing what is created), or art-giving (sharing creative experience), the process can bring us into-the-moment by focusing our attention beyond stress and toward positive living. This can be achieved through jogging or yoga, spending time with an inspiring friend, solving crossword puzzles, planting flowers, tinkering with a home project, or a good laugh. The biology of creativity represents an emerging field of scientific research with broad evidence of positive effect on the human condition. Without need for a doctor prescription, these are the wellness benefits of everyday creativity.

  • reduces stress
  • boosts the immune system
  • supports good mental health
  • promotes relaxation or stimulation
  • facilitates healthy expression
  • teaches new skills
  • nurtures wonder, curiosity and play
  • creates community connections
  • inspires in-the-momentness

WOW! Creativity is a powerful vitamin, and when taken daily can be part of a healthful self-care routine by doing the everyday expressive things you love to do. Take your “C”reative vitamins!

Thanks to Chuck Feil for the beautiful and soulful painting of “Creative Vitality”.