The Wonders of MUD: Bring it On!

Wonders of Mud by LAURA
Plant your seeds of creativity, give them nurture and they will grow.

The Northeast has earned its mud this spring. Warm vernal sunlight is melting our many feet of snow, and frozen rivers and lakes are flowing in trickles and floods. Water is moving through the landscape and the soil catches the moisture making an organic mixture of nutrient-rich, old-fashioned mud. Farmers and gardeners are ordering seeds to start vegetables and flowers in cold frames, greenhouses, and on sunny windowsills. Crocuses are late this year, but forsythia and daffodils will soon bloom. The permafrost is receding and shovels are turning the ground as worms emerge to shiver. Mother Earth is awakening and she is juicy with fertile mud awaiting the seeds of creativity. Bring it on!

Every living thing is alive with the energy of renewal. We want to mate, make, and create. Need + seed + Earth + Sun + moisture + nurture = creativity. Spring inspires us to intuitively and instinctually do what we love to do, and to grow, learn, and experience new things. Senses are heightened as we smell that first fragrance of warm ground, feel the fresh air, and hear the symphonic sounds of song birds as they announce the dawn and a new season of fertility. Visually the land is greening from the whites, grays and browns of winter to the lush pastel palette of spring. Grass is growing and the first baby leaves and foliage are appearing on trees and in woodlands. The most calming and healing color in the spectrum, green is a gift to the senses that renews mind, body, and spirit.

Mud is indeed a wondrous thing. In Maine we have an official mud season when its time for muck boots and back dirts roads are good for getting stuck. This brown gook isn’t always pretty, but it is an endearing metaphor for the hope of new growth and potential. It is the compost of life, and many wonderful, colorful things grow from this primordial slurry. Our Mother Earth gives us the fertile mud of her loins to create everything we need to survive and thrive, and to be and become our creative best. We are all artists and the planet is our creative medium, the canvas, brush and paint that expresses what we think and feel, what we need and desire. April 20th is Earth Day when we celebrate the natural abundance and resources our Mother gives us to live. Let’s celebrate our planet everyday, and honor Her with the cultivation of our creative gifts and by enjoying all that glorious mud. Get outside and get some.

Here’s the dirt…My little gouache painting says it in three steps. Plant your seeds of creativity, give them nurture and they will grow.

Celebrate National Earth Day!