Thriving in Full Leaf

Art HOPE Creative Wellness Walks
Strong, beautiful and thriving.

The northland is a sea of green with every tree in full leaf. A fresh shot of fresh oxygen that invigorates and inspires, and with one deep breath…aaah…THRIVE! Alive, well and thriving. This first Sunday in June marks the 27th annual National Cancer Survivor’s Day in honor of the over 14 million Americans living with a history of cancer, from diagnosis to death, and the healthcare providers, family and friends who support them on the journey. We are “thrivers” in full flower and affect, celebrating milestones and recognizing the challenges we have overcome. More people with cancer are living longer and with a better quality of life than ever, supported with medical interventions and therapies in combination with a wellness-based lifestyle.

Universally, trees are a poignant metaphor for personal thriving and wellness. We root ourselves in the fertile ground and grow upward toward the light, our buds, leaves, blossoms, and fruits all radiant in season. Now in full bloom, take creative wellness time and enjoy the shade and fresh air of your favorite tree. Sit under it, on it, hug it. Yes, talk to it. Like the tree, embrace your perennial strength and beauty in full leaf. The textures, colors and sounds of a tree’s canopy can enliven the artist’s senses. As you find your tree retreat, you may sit in quiet meditation with a creative medium close at hand. A journal for writing and drawing or a set watercolors are organic ways to let words, images and musical notations find their way to original expression.

Art HOPE is offering a perfect opportunity to experience some of southern Maine’s most spectacular trees, get a little exercise, breathe ocean breezes, and take time for creativity. Our summer series of Creative Wellness Walks at Laudholm Farm will be held on Tuesday June 24, July 29 and August 26 from 10:00 am to noon. Located at the Wells Reserve, the historic site is located on 2250 acres of protected coastal habitat and includes the Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge. Artists of all ages are invited to enjoy a gentle hike and fresh air arts studio on the great lawn overlooking the estuary. I will demonstrate simple watercolor techniques and discuss the benefits of everyday creativity for health and well-being. Walk, observe and create with nature inspiring the senses. Visit our summer calendar for more information about this and all our upcoming free programs.

To all who’ve survived to thrive, from barren branches to full leaf, harsh times to lush moments, through war to peace…you are strong and beautiful like a tree. Blessings for a summer of thriving and visiting trees often.

Thanks to volunteer artist Elizabeth Hopkins for the oil pastel of a “tree in full leaf”.